Chocolate Masterclass

Where would we be without chocolate?

The Cake Bake & Sweets Show is proud to team up with Le Cordon Bleu, the world’s most famous cooking school, and Callebaut, the chocolate pioneers bringing us the fantastic ruby chocolate, to bring to you the Chocolate Masterclass feature. With live demonstrations from talented Le Cordon Bleu chefs and the highest quality Belgian chocolate on show, the Chocolate Masterclass will be bringing our dessert dreams to creamy cocoa reality.   Callebaut has long since been a leader in confectionery around the globe, and their recent cultivation and production of ruby chocolate has really set tongues wagging!   Le Cordon Bleu is world-renowned for their exceptional education in the culinary arts. From hospitality management to providing the foundations for aspiring chefs to become leaders in their field, Le Cordon Bleu truly educates the industry.   Together, these two respected brands will bring to you the Chocolate Masterclass.
Chocolate MendiantsDisplaying and discussing tempering of chocolate,utilisation of the Callebaut ‘Ruby’ chocolate and dark chocolate, freezing dried berries for garnishes and using apricots, pistachios and almonds
TartsFruits: Display making and rolling of Pate Sucre, display making and piping of Crème Patisserie, preparing of fresh fruit and glaze
Lemon: Display making and rolling of Pate Sucre, display making and piping of lemon Curd, preparing, making and piping the meringue then blow torching of the meringue
Chocolate ShellsDisplaying and discussing the tempering of chocolate and moulding of shells, producing, preparing and piping a whipped butter ganache and utilisation of the Callebaut crispy pearls
MarshmallowsPreparation, cooking, moulding and cutting of marshmallows, adding different flavours to produce assorted varieties and using passionfruit, raspberry and lime
Choux PastryDisplay making & piping of choux pastry, preparing, cooking & piping fillings for pastry, and preparing fillings and glazes using Callebaut chocolates including Callebaut ‘Gold’.
  • Angelo Roche
    Pastry lecturer. Beginning his Training in India, Angelo has worked in industry for over 30 years. His experience has been varied and includes hotels, cruise ships, clubs, a gelato company, fine dining and cafes. Angelo has taken part in chocolate competitions in Australia and won Gold in some of them. The highlight of competing was at the Coupe du Monde Patisserie in Lyon France. Angelo has also competed in the Dilmah Tea Challenges as well and won Gold and Silver.
  • Gert Knudsen
    Pastry lecturer. Hailing from Denmark, Gert has much experience in a variety of International venues and 5 star commercial operations. Gert was an owner/operator of his own successful French patisserie business which specialised in chocolate work and celebration showpieces. He has also developed much experience in sugar work creations and decorations. He has been a Chef/Lecturer with 16 years’ experience in teaching at Le Cordon Bleu Sydney.
  • Joseph Roche
    Pastry lecturer. Beginning training in India at the Taj Coromandel, Joseph has worked in multiple 5 star hotels across many countries such as Bahrain, Austria and Australia. Joseph believes strongly in maintaining and updating his industry knowledge and skills, travelling around the world to attend many courses. As recently as June 2018, Joseph attended a Jann Couvreur course in Chicago USA on modern desserts and small cakes. He also competes in and has won numerous sugar and chocolate competitions where he gets to showcase his expertise in this field. As a Chef/Lecturer at Le Cordon Bleu Sydney for 10 years, Joseph is passionate about the training and development of future generations of Pastry chefs.
  • Brooke Stephen
    Lecturer. Brooke Stephen has been teaching at Le Cordon Bleu for the past 6 years. She is the Head Pastry Chef and head baker at fine dining, hatted restaurants, including Bathers Pavilion Balmoral. She has multiple 5-star hotel experience and has competed in various pastry competitions. Her passion includes all aspects of bread making and creating flavour profiles for entremets and plated desserts.