Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes

Valeri Valeriano and Christina Ong had their eureka moment in buttercream decorating in a small kitchen equipped with an oven the size of a toaster in 2011.

Following a YouTube tutorial, and armed with a zip lock bag, they discovered a passion so vibrant in its colours and so beautiful that it had since taken their lives in an entirely different direction – all over the world.

The Queens of Buttercream elevated buttercream art by putting art into cake canvas. They developed the most intensive and extensive techniques in buttercream decorations and taught classes throughout Europe, the United States, Asia, the Middle East and Australia.

With their success, the duo has vowed to spread their knowledge about buttercream in the indefatigable manner they do everything else. As they share their recipes, techniques, and their secrets, they continuously innovate to always deliver the best to their students.

Featured in popular magazines, and television shows locally and internationally as cake stars, the multi-awarded duo then took their talents to the bestseller list with The Contemporary Buttercream Bible (2014), 100 Buttercream Flowers (2015), Buttercream One-Tier Wonders (2016) and Buttercream Flowers for all Seasons (2018). These books have been translated into different languages.

Whether they are teaching or writing a book, Valeri and Christina believe in always delivering quality, originality, sophistication, elegance, and perfection.

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