We all love baking, yes! But I have to admit, my favourite part (besides from tasting the new delicious creation and licking the bowl) is decorating the table to present the masterpiece (or pieces). Now you might be a little worn out after the egg hunt and the aftermath of too much chocolates… but once you see these gorgeous table decorations, I can guarantee you they will give you a new lease of energy to revamp your easter table! Whether you want simple and elegant, or crazy and childlike… I’ve got you covered.

The Garden Table

How gorgeous is this table setting!? I would categorise this under childlike elegance – don’t you agree? It has a simplistic, fresh colour scheme, but the green and the daisies add a touch of childhood memories exploring in Aunty Audrey’s garden. All you have to do is dig out your most elegant plate and cutlery sets, rip out a couple of pages from an old book, wrap some eggs with some string, set up some candles… and my favourite part – find some sheet moss! If you’re looking online, you’re best bet is eBay or Etsy. For more photos and tips click here.


The Outside Picnic 

Feeling a little too much like an adult? Set up a cute little picnic table like this one, and I think all of your worries and stresses will go away (at least for lunch time)! Everything you see here is from Bed Bath n Table – although you may have to bring out the oven mitts and baking trays for those yummy cupcakes and macaroons. Click here to find your nearest store, or to simply browse their superb easter collection!


The Non Toxic Eggs

So simple, so easy and so very cute! All you’ll need for these is a little bit of imagination and a chalk marker! Now, although us Australians may not be welcoming Spring at Easter time (hello colder months), the design is totally up to you, so be as creative as you like! TIP: try to find a non toxic chalk marker instead of using permanent markers – that way you can have your eggs and eat them too. Click here to see how the creative genius behind these eggs does them.


The Easter Bunny

Don’t want to go to an extreme effort with your table decorating? Well a simple touch can go a long way. This is why I love the napkin bunny! This one is great to bring the child out of you and it’s so easy to make. Everyone will be impressed with your folding skills, and the simple touch will instantly ‘Easter’ up your table. Just click here for folding instructions. Image from Driven by Decor


The DIY Carrot Boxes

What a perfect little gift to place on your guests plate! It might look like a little too much effort, but all you have to do is print out the template from here then cut, fold and glue – that’s it! I think they’d also be great for an easter hunt in the garden or home. 


The Easter Menu & Name Tag

I love the idea of using white flowers for the bunny’s tail. Before you freak out about the cutting and drawing of the bunny, because unfortunately some of us are not gifted with such an awesome talent, you can download the template for them in this article!

Easter Menu Name Tag

Bunny Bait

Admit it! Many of us like to nibble away like little bunnies. Well, don’t fret. This is the weekend we can get away with nibbling at the sweetest treats no matter the time of day. Whip up some bunny bait, for the kids (or adults) to keep them nibbling all day. Simply go to your nearest Kmart or Stacks and find a bucket like this one then fill it with anything you like! This bunny bait bucket, from Simply Kierste,  has a bag of Reese’s Pieces eggs, pretzels, mini marshmallows and honey roasted peanuts. 


The Bunny Bouquet 

Such a simple, yet gorgeous idea. You’ll find an affordable bowl like this in Kmart, then go to your favourite local florist for a green and orange themed bouquet and simply wedge them in between the carrots! Love this idea from the Wedding Chicks.  


The Natural Hues

If you’re looking for something a little more sophisticated and minimal effort rather than the usual greens and busy themes, then this ones for you! The trick to this is keeping things decluttered and simple with a neutral colour theme. I’d suggest visiting your local $2 shop and shopping for browns and whites! I sourced some inspiration from here. 


So there we go! So many different themes and ideas to choose from. I’ve been ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ over each one, but I think I’m going to stick to a sophisticated, neutral theme this year then go back to the classic bright coloured theme next year! Don’t you just love all of the themes? Perhaps we could all have multiple Easter tables?

– Alex Frisby Smith