Easter is always a lot more fun with kids around! I remember as a child, my Mum would wake up early Easter morning to run around our backyard and hide Easter eggs everywhere. Once she even went to the effort of attaching one long piece of string to every egg, and I’d have to follow the string. I wish she still did this for me today! It was so much fun. I went back into my childhood mind and imagined what little me would have thoroughly enjoyed and been impressed with. Below you’ll find a list of Easter activities to do with the kids, or some ideas that should be left in your hands yet will totally impress them – and if you don’t have kids, I can guarantee these activities will also impress you!

Easter Egg Carton Chicks

Paper, Plate and Plane have a great idea to repurpose those old egg cartons and give them life. This will have the kids chirping all day with delight, and they make the perfect Easter basket to keep those eggs safe from parent’s prying eyes. I can imagine the kids may think the chicks need some hair and accessories, which is what’s great about this one – it’s open to everyones imagination!


Bunny Cookies and Milk

How creative can you get with cookies? These Bunny Ear cookies from Munchkin Munchies are super adorable. Make these for your little Munchkins and they’ll be nibbling away (as bunnies do!). The kids can get involved with icing the cookies, there is nothing more fun than helping Mum or Dad in the kitchen… especially when it is to do with cookies!

bunny ear cookies 2 029

 The Oreo Easter Dirt Cake

This one is so easy to make and the kids can definitely get involved with this one. I think it would look great with some bunny bums and tails sticking out of the dirt, or a couple of easter eggs tossed around the carrot patch. This recipe is great because it’s open to those little kiddies imaginations and they can add or change anything they like… let them claim it as their own creation! You’ll find the step-by-step guide from The Semi-Sweet Sisters.


Easter Bark

Chocolate bark is always a winner; there is something so satisfying about the break and crunch… and perhaps the wickedly sweet flavours, do you agree?  This is a really simple treat to make and the kids will LOVE getting involved. It is open for so much creativity, you could deck your Easter Bark out with whatever you and your kids little hearts desire. I love the colours in this one by Sally’s Baking Addiction. Get the kids to draw up a ‘game plan’ of what topping they want to include, it will keep them preoccupied a little longer 😉  Let the little ones take charge of this recipe, it could become a beautiful, delicious masterpiece!


Easter Basket Cake

This cake from The Cake Blog is a little more complicated and may need your assistance – but doesn’t it look incredible? I’m sure the kids would love to be your little helpers! Or let the perfectionist in you go and let them take charge! Either way you’ll end up with something deliciously amazing.


Bunny Pancakes

These pancakes are simple and such a brilliant idea for Easter breaky. Everyone loves making pancakes, whether you’re 5 or 50 (yes, don’t you lie to yourself). There’s no doubt in my mind that your little ones will be majorly impressed when they create this one! The bunnies tail can either be make with shredded coconut, whipped cream or ice-cream… or anything else you can think of!



Easter Bunny Treat Bars

This looks like a hard task to do, but it’s actually quite easy and you’re little ones are definitely capable of creating this! Perhaps they could fill it with their favourite Easter eggs and gift them to their friends at School. Such a beautiful gift idea from Happiness is Homemade.


Hopefully these activities don’t make your kids dentist upset, but that’s what Easter is all about, isn’t it? Enjoy the time bonding with those little ones, I can already imagine the excitement bursting out of their faces when they recreate some of these! I’d love to see what they come up with, use #cbsshomemade when sharing their gorgeous creations. Happy Easter!

– Alex Frisby Smith