Favourite Winter Warmers: Sweet Boozy Drinks

We may not live in snow fallen cities where winter chills us to the core, however winter still calls for snuggles, warm drinks and comfort food. The season is well and truly upon us!  You either love it or hate it. Me? I’m quiet a fan of the cooler weather, especially when I journey across the seas to snowy lands. I’ve never lived long term in places so cold though, so I can’t hate it! If you have ever had the opportunity to grudge through the snow all season long, you’d probably have a different opinion. Like Natalie, one of our fabulous CBSS team members!  So on my to do list this Aussie winter is snuggling up with a warm drink in front of a fire and movie – winning!

Why not spice it up even more and make it a little more adult friendly. Here are my top 5 interesting, alcoholic and warm drink concoctions worth giving a try this winter.

1. Bacon, Bourbon and Hazelnut Hot Chocolate

Bacon Bourbon Hot Choc

Okay, for starters I would never dream of putting bacon in a drink… but hey if you’re a bacon lover than why not go for it! This is a great one to start with, because in 60 days (yes I’m counting), I get to venture to the land of Bacon and Maple… aka Canada! Oh it’s going to be grand. I should get my taste buds attuned to this flavour combo with this recipe from Serious Eats.

2. Flaming S’mores Recipe


If you’re going to be drinking cold alcoholic beverages this winter season, I highly recommend something along the lines of this Flaming S’more recipe from Eclectic Recipes. Not only is a martini always a plus, a s’mores flavoured one is almost as good as an espresso martini! Get fancy by floating some high proof liquor on top of the martini and light it up! It will be enough to toast the marshmallow. Now this is my kind of campfire.

3. Mulled Wine


Last time I sipped on Mulled Wine was when snow was falling outside after a day of skiing on the ski fields in Japan (I know, I’m super lucky!). It was picture perfect, and oh so delicious. My dear mother and I may have had one too many… Oh I’m dreaming of it now! This is definitely something I want to test out myself this winter thanks to Gimme Some Oven.

4. Toasted Marshmallow Shots


Jell-o shots are one thing, but this just takes your winter bash to a whole new level. Weather you’re around a bonfire or having a dinner party, these toasted marshmallow shots are a must. Just give those fluffy, sugary goodness a toast (over fire or a gas top), flip it over on a plate so it can implode and voila… you have your edible shot glass! Fill with whatever liquor you desire, shot and eat. Beware they break easily so you have to do it all in one go to avoid a sticky mess!

5. Boozy Pumpkin White Hot Chocolate


This one is for the pumpkin pie lovers, the white chocolate enthusiasts, the flavour adventurers. With a buttery sweet flavour, a hint of spice and luscious decadence that is whipped cream and caramel, even the manliest men would enjoy this hot chocolate. The Minimalist Baker uses bourbon, however if that isn’t your poison of choice you can always opt for Kahlua.

So there are my top 5 sweet boozy drinks to test out this winter. I’m open to trying some more… so if you have any suggestions please share them with me on Facebook and Instagram using #cbsshomemade. I can’t wait!


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