I seriously underestimated how many days in the year celebrated amazing food. March 25th, is National Waffle Day. Yes that means we can eat waffles for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and every snack in between.

While there are many savoury recipes out there (surprisingly, a lot), I’ve picked out some sweet Waffle recipes I thought you might enjoy.

Brownie Batter Waffles

If you’re a regular reader of the CBSS blog, you would now know that I am totally in love with brownies and anything chocolate. So yes, first on the list of awesome waffle recipes includes Brownie Butter Waffles!!

Brownie Batter Waffles


The Wonut

Yes the waffle donut. You guessed it. The Sassy Life made these cute as homemade wonuts – where can I find one right this second?



Lemon Meringue Waffles

I’ve never been a huge fan of lemon meringue, mainly because I’m not a huge fan of lemon. But if you are you’ll probably like these waffles from Cooking Classy.

Lemon Merinuge Waffles


Nutella Sandwich Waffles

How could I not include a Nutella flavoured waffle!? It is a must. If you really love Nutella, or even if you don’t mind it and want to check out more cool recipes, jump over to our World Nutella Day post (it’s awesome if I do say so myself!)



 Peanut Butter, Honey and Banana Waffles

Three brilliant ingredients combined into one winning combination – I think yes! I’m even considering swapping out the honey for chocolate or Nutella (of course).

Peanut Butter and Banana waffleButtons_Pink2-01

Smore’s Waffle Sandwich

What do you get when you squish marshmallow and chocolate between two waffles? S’mores Waffle Sandwich. This one will be sure to leave your hands sticky, your tummy full and your heart content.



Chicken Waffle Cupcakes

Not going to lie… not sure how I feel about this one. Fried chicken on top of a waffle on top of a cupcake… thoughts?



Chocolate Cheesecake Waffle Pie

I’ve come across a variety of interesting cakes, but never a cheesecake waffle pie! Hands up for trying? ME!



 Nutella, Peanut Butter and Banana French Toast Waffles

Oh. My. Gosh. I found it! You know how I said winning combo before about the Banana, Honey and Peanut Butter waffles but I was dreaming of Nutella too? Well check this recipe out from French Press!

Nutella, Banana and Peanut Butter waffles



Carrot Cake and Cinnamon Maple Cream Cheese Waffles

The reason I love this idea, is because its a recipe that is so not the norm. In all honesty, have you ever contemplated Carrot Cake waffles? How about Maple Cream Cheese spread to top it off? Well now you have…




Dark Chocolate Waffles

I can’t not do a post without a chocolate flavoured recipe (yes, I’m not counting that brownie one… it’s brownie flavoured!). These ones are drizzled with peanut butter, but I think I’d opt for caramel in this case. I can just imagine my satisfaction!




Do you have a winning Waffle combo? Share it with us in the comments here, or on Instagram using #cbsshomemade. Want more ideas? Check out our Pinterest board.

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