Spicy-Chocolate-Bark-with-Chipotle-and-Almonds-foodiecrush.com-062Love is in the air as Valentines day approaches. Can you believe that it is already February!? V-day, you either hate it, love it, or don’t give two cents about it. Whether you are in relationship or not, whether you love Valentines Day or despise it, I suggest you continue to read on if you love super duper adorable sweet treats.

While I won’t be whisked away on some romantic date this year (yes, I’m one of those people who will be sitting on the couch with her ice cream and some soppy romantic movie feeling utterly single. Okay, no I’m totally kidding! I’m really not that pathetic. I swear.) I can’t help but love the sweet treats and desserts that pop up around this day.

Here some sweet treat ideas that just had me all soft and gooey on the inside.

Cupcakes, that look like a box of chocolates.


Typically, the love heart box consists of those delicious chocolate truffles. But no, this takes it to a whole new level. CUPCAKES. Super duper, absolutely cute cupcakes… that look like chocolate! You can find out how to make these in the book Hello, cupcake.

 Valentines Day Fudge


Conversation hearts tend to become way more popular around this time of year, and I don’t blame anyone! They decorate those V-day treats just perfectly – totally giving warm and fuzzies. Fudge that is pink with love heart messages are sure to be a special treat. Find out Crazy For Crusts secret to mastering them.

Mouth wartering Brownies

Valentines Day Baking Cupcakes Red Velvet - Ottawa Wedding Photographer Laura Kelly_0010

Oh. My. How scrumptious do these look? I do I LOVE brownies, surely you can see why! Gooey and chocolatey, full of goodness. Throw in some pink and red M&Ms and you have the perfect Valentines Day brownie. You could even cut them in heart shapes if you’re feeling daring. Image by Laura Kelly.

 Chocolate Raspberry Layer Cake

Raspberri Cupcakes Valentines Day Cake

Valentines Day or not, this cake looks and sounds delicious. Raspberri Cupcakes does it once again with her delicious and creative creations. I love the touch of heart macarons, along with raspberries that top the cake. When I see this, the first thought that comes to mind is LOVE. Love of CAKE. Definitely want to be sinking my teeth in to this – no matter what time of year it is.

Strawberry Nutella Poptarts


These Nutella and Strawberry Poptarts from The Novice Chef  look super simple to make, and super scrumptious. Wake up your lover with breakfast in bed on Valentines Day. You really can’t go wrong with these… unless the person is allergic to hazelnuts or strawberries. Which, in that case, perhaps you should rethink the breakfast menu.

Valentines Day Popcorn

Valentines Day Popcorn

Every year there is that one movie that comes out right on / before Valentines Day. You know the ones – Channing Tatum shirtless, the couple that can never be together but find a way to, or there is a massive fight, or a dramatic secret or its another  ‘The Notebook’ style film. You get the point. BUT the question is, while you snuggle up with the one you love (or as I will be doing, hitting it up with my closest gal pals), what sweet treat will be joining you on the love story of the year? This White Chocolate Popcorn from Gimme Some Oven will be.

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries


Is it just me, or do chocolate covered strawberries seem to be very popular on Valentines day? It seems that they (or similar red berries) are often incorporated in a recipe. Who knows? Perhaps it is the colour, or the fact you can cut a strawberry in half and make it look like a love heart. Either way, these simple bites can look beautiful and make a great gift for someone special. Especially these Valentines Day themed ones from A Spicy Perspective.

Sugar Cookies

Sugar Cookies Vday

How cute are these sugar cookies from Cake Central. There are so many different sugar cookie designs themed around Valentines Day, but I just love these LOVE cookies. They would also look very beautiful tied into a Wedding or Engagement Party.

 Meringue Heart Pops

Meringue Heart Pops Sprinkles white logo_thumb[2]

Pink Martini’s and Pearls just made meringues a whole lot loveable with these meringue heart cookies. Pink meringue heart cookies, with white chocolate ganache and sprinkles. Make a bouquet of them, and you’ll win someone’s heart.

Spicy Chocolate Bark with Chipotle and Almonds


Chocolate bark is a popular homemade gift, so for Valentines day why not make it pink to suit the occasion!? So beautiful and girly, this recipe from Foodie Crush would be a great gift to give your girlfriends.

They are my top loveable treats for today, but you should definitely check out our Pinterest board for some more inspiration. I’ve gone pin crazy. Have something to share? Make sure you let us know on our Instagram and Facebook.

Happy Valentines Day Baking.