choc pavAussie Aussie Aussie!! Oi Oi Oi! The day is upon us. Have you got your flip flops, BBQ, and beach ball ready? How about the menu? Well as you may know, we love to jump on any occasion to create the perfect menu for the day! Whether you’re having a gathering at home, beach or park with family and friends, the best kind of food to have on Australia day are classic Australian nibbles – savoury and sweet!

Here are my top 10 Australia Day Food.

1. Macadamia, Apricot, Apple and Sage Sausage Rolls.

Sausage rolls are a delicious party snack – especially for Australia Day. These scrumptious treats from What Katie Ate sound absolutely divine! It is an interesting combination of ingredients but I think it sounds like a perfect match. I’m sure you and your guests won’t be able to stop gobbling these down.


2. Australia Day Lamb Pies

What mixes perfectly with sausage rolls? Party pies of course. These lamb pies from The Luminous Kitchen are perfect nibbles throughout the day no matter what plans you have. Adds a great touch by spelling out ‘Happy ‘Straya Day’.


3. Sticky Sausages with Potato Sweetcorn Salad

You can’t have an Aussie Day without a BBQ and snags. These sticky sausages with potato sweet corn salad from BBC Good Food are a nice gourmet touch to your lunch. Get creative this year instead of sticking to your standard snags and stake.


4. BBQ Prawns with Mango, Lime, Tamari and Mint Dressing

‘Throw a shrimp on the barbie’! Does any Australian actually even say that?? Anyway… you definitely should throw these prawn skewers on the barbecue because they sound divine and my mouth is watering just thinking about them. What Katie Ate impresses us again!


5. Lamington Tiramisu

Coffee lovers you are going to adore this lamington tiramisu by A Table for Two, which is so suitable for Australia Day celebrations. Lamingtons are a must for all Aussie Day celebrations – so why not incorporate them into your desserts? I’m definitely keen to indulge in this one – are you?


6. Tim Tam Cake

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE a good Tim Tam. So you could only imagine what I did when I saw this… yes my chin practically dropped to the floor, my mouth wide open and salivating, while my eyes popped out of my head. Okay slight exaggeration perhaps? But seriously, this Tim Tam cake by Raspberri Cupcakes looks delish. And oh so very Australian.

Tim Tam Cake

7. The Tamington

When two Australian classics collide and become one what are you left with? The Tamington. Yes that is right. What. A. Brilliant. Idea. While the Tim Tam and the Lamington are equally delicious standing alone, paired together they would become a match made in heaven. The ULTIMATE Australian sweet treat. Want to replicate this yourself? Head to Penguins and Parentheses to find out how.

Sticky Penguin's TimTamingtons - The Result (15)

8. Caramel Koala Macarons

Raspberri Cupcakes does it again with these absolutely adorable Caramel Koala Macarons. What a perfect way to combine a delicious Aussie chocolate into a tempting sweet bite. Seriously impressed with these adorable Koalas.

Koala Macarons

9. Mini Pavlovas

I did say your Aussie Day feast should include some mini bites, therefore these mini pavlovas from A Sweet Muddle are perfect. The blue and red berries representing the nations flag add colour and patriotism to the table.


10. Iced Vovo Tart

How can you not resist this deliciously pink iced VoVo Tart from  Incorporating yet another Aussie classic, the Arnott’s VoVo biscuit. Just look at that image, how tantalising does it look? You have to give this a shot for an Aussie afternoon tea.

Vovo Biscuit

There you have it, my top 10 Aussie Day menu ideas – the sweet and savoury. Do you have any other suggestions to add? Share with us your thoughts, ideas and recipes on Faceboook, Instagram and Pinterest. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #CBSS. We may even feature you on our social media platforms.

Happy Baking!


Ps. Want the recipe for the first photo? Head to food.