Its the most sparkly night of the year, it also happens to be the last and one of my favourite nights to party! Have you guessed it yet? Okay it’s New Years Eve! I love organising parties, so when it comes to throwing a New Years bash I love to go all out. With the evening just around the corner it’s time to get organised and crafty. I hope you like glitter and gold because that is was this theme is all about. Here is my list of cool new years party inspo I think you should try.

Party Hats and Props

Okay lets start with the dress up part. Ladies, it is safe to say that I will be dressed in something that sparkles and shines, but to top off the outfit a party hat is necessary (don’t pretend you don’t want to wear one!). Now I’m not talking about one of those annoying party hats with the elastic string that drives you nuts all night long. I’m talking about these super cute DIY party hats.

This one is from StudioDIY. 


Okay I LOVE these DIY New Years Resolution Party Hats from Walk In Love. Super cute, and a great idea!

DIY Party Hats

Don’t want to wear party hats all night long? At least opt for some cool props to make your photos a little more exciting. I love these Photo Booth props from Pimp Your Party’s Etsy.

New Years Party Props

It’s all about the noise on New Years so party blowers are fun for the kids (even the big ones ;)). Here are some DIY ones from Minted.



Make your New Years Bash the best one in the street with some of these super cool decorations.

How can you have a New Years with no confetti? These hanging confetti pops from Ruffled are awesome.


Want confetti without the mess to clean up the next day? How about these confetti filled balloons from Brit Co. Alright so you could still be making a mess because if you pop these at midnight you will have a massive confetti explosion (it will be epic and totally worth the mess if I do say so myself).


If you haven’t clued on yet, it’s all about the sparkles… so hello sparklers! Best Day Ever have inspired me with a nice way to give my guests sparklers.

sparklers01Every party needs balloons. These are my favourite!

Down that Little Lane


Balloon Time


Studio DIY


The dessert table. I’d class this as a from of ‘decoration’, it can easily be the feature of your party. If you’re a baker it should definitely be the feature. I love the sign used in this one from Little Big Company.



So after seeing the above dessert table, its clear food is going to be the feature of this party. It should be the feature of all parties if it is up to me. Here is some things I think need to be included on your menu.

This Stuffed Cheesy Bread is good one to dish out first. Your guests can pick at it over the first few drinks.


This pink champagne and strawberry cake from Raspberri Cupcakes is a perfect dessert for the night – delicious and screams classy.


Glitter Donuts from Style Me Pretty because they are donuts, with glitter. Do you really need more than that?


These cupcakes from Little Big Company would look perfect next to the pink champagne cake and on that fabulous dessert table.

Glitter Cupcakes

A little bit of adult friendly dessert from The Cozy Apron.


There are so many awesome party ideas that this post could go on forever, however instead I’ve been pinning away on Cake Bake & Sweets Show Pinterest. Be sure to head over there and to our Instagram to check out more ideas. On behalf of the CBSS Team we’d like to thank you for such a fantastic 2014. We have loved bringing the Cake Bake & Sweets Show to you and have had lots of fun. We can’t wait for 2015 and hope to see you at the next show.

Happy New Year!

Love KJ x