Sugar comas! We’ve all done it and lets be honest, we’ll probably all do it again, so we might as well help you out so you can lounge around on the beach or by the pool this Summer (any excuse to eat sugar, right!).  If your household is anything like mine, you’ll have an excess supply of soft drink left over after Christmas.  Apart from mixing it with your favourite tipple of alcohol, there are some delightful recipes that call for soft drinks as part of the ingredient list.  It’s important to note though that most of them require the full sugar varieties – not the diet stuff as it just doesn’t bake or taste the same (give me real sugar over artificial sweeteners anyway!).

1.  Lemonade Scones

Lets face it, there are so many different scone recipes around, some of which the birds won’t even eat or if thrown at a window will actually shatter it into a million pieces!  If you (like me) have made scones that fit into either one of those categories then you better keep reading on!… Behold the easiest, lightest, fluffiest scones you’ll ever make – throw those other recipes out and get into this one.  There are only 3 ingredients…self raising flour, cream and lemonade – that’s it!  Never again will you have to rely on Great Aunt Dolcie to make her divine scones, you now know the secret recipe to making the best scones ever!  You can thank Iron Chef Shellie for sharing her recipe here.


2. Cherry Coke Cupcakes

How cute are these cupcakes!!! As cherries are in season over Summer what a gorgeous dessert or afternoon tea platter to offer to friends and family.  They are a moist, light, fluffy delight topped with delicious cherry coke butter cream and a sweet fresh cherry!  Even people that aren’t a fan of Cherry Coke are bound to like these little morsels of goodness! Get your hands on the recipe from


3. Orange Crush (Fanta) Cake

It’s time to party! Yes it’s a Fanta flavoured cake.  The kids will think all their Christmas’ have come at once with a combination of Fanta, yummy cake and of course generous amounts Fanta flavoured icing (if your kids a like mine though, they will probably lick all the icing off first!).  This is an easy cake to bake and it’s a great opportunity to get the kids to help you – I’m sure they will love baking with soft drink (and helping drink it while they’re there).  This is a great recipe to have on hand because you can substitute the Fanta with another one of your favourite soft drinks.  To get the recipe, check out 

Orange crush cake

4. Coke Float Push-Up Pops

Push pop desserts are so in trend at the moment and you can make them at home to serve up at the next birthday party or for a real treat!  The pops consist of Coca-Cola chocolate cake, layered with homemade whipped cream and of course a cherry on top (if you don’t like the candied cherries, replace them with fresh cherries since they are in season).   The kids (and big kids) will literally froth over these, so make sure you have plenty to go round. You can thank Gimme Some Oven for this great recipe



5. Dirty Coke Fudge

So I have to admit, I had no idea what ‘Dirty Coke’ was until I read this recipe – no it’s not some dodgy drug or an inappropriate joke.  It’s simply Coca-cola mixed with a shot of coconut syrup and a squeeze of lime juice! – yum! When I found that out I nearly fell off my chair with excitement – Coke, coconut and fudge (my favourite sweet treats) all rolled into one dreamy decadent delight!! To get this recipe check out  Please note: Substitute the marshmallow cream for Marshmallow Fluff, available at Woolworths stores in Australia.




6. Shirley Temple Flower Cakelettes (contains lemon lime soft drink)

This is a great baking activity for the kids, as the recipe calls for a box of cake mix as the base (I normally include recipes from scratch)… Anyway the main ingredients are the cake box mix, lemon-lime soft drink, and some candied (glace) cherries.  You will also need a Cake Boss Mini Flower Cake Tin to get the cute shape.  These would be perfect for a little girl’s fairy or princess birthday party since they are so delightfully cute.  Thanks to, you can get the recipe here

Shirley temple cakes


7. Giant Chocolate Freckle Cake (contains Coca-Cola)

This is an impressive cake! If you are looking to make a statement at your next gathering then this is how to do it!  It has 7 layers (yes 7!) of Coca-Cola cake separated with deliciously creamy German Milo Butter Cream.  It’s then coated in the butter cream and topped with home made tempered giant freckles! This is an absolutely irresistible treat!  To get the recipe, check out

freckle cake (1 of 1)


8. Triple Chocolate Coca-Cola Sheet Cake

Can you imagine a ridiculously delicious melt in your mouth gooey chocolate cake with not 1, not 2 but 3 types of chocolate, plus Coca-Cola! I think I’m in a sugar coma just thinking about it! For the chocolate lovers out there – all of your dreams have just come true! This really is like heaven on earth.   As it’s a sheet cake, it’s perfect for dishing up when you have a large crowd to feed – cut it into squares and serve with Ice Cream!  You can get the recipe from

triple choc coke cake

9. Sunny Lemon Cake (contains lemon lime soft drink)

OK, so now we can come back down to Earth from thinking about that insane chocolate recipe above.  Let’s talk about a light, bright, non-chocolate Summer treat.  It fits in with the current citrus trend and is a beautifully light moist cake that is perfect with a cup of tea or to serve up at any occasion really.  For an alternative to a chocolate cake, check out



I hope you have gained some great inspiration for baking with soft drinks and aren’t in too much of a sugar coma from reading these recipes!

Until next time!