Sample, taste and buy freshly baked goods and tasty treats that are ready to take home (if they make it that far!) The Producers Marketplace is a collection of artisan bakers, cake makers, sweet stores and specialty food producers that make and sell delectable goods.

Your dreams of deliciousness have come true!

If you dream of walking through a wonderland of exquisite treats then the Producers Marketplace is a must visit. You’ll find everything from cakes and macarons to pastries, slices, pies, breads, jams, sauces, gelato, croissants, giant pretzels, hand made chocolates, cookies, lollies, fudge, ice cream, donuts, rocky road, caramel, truffles, brownies, freshly roasted nuts, cupcakes and more. It’s a foodies paradise, so get ready to treat yourself to a range of indulgent delights.