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A proven recipe for success, made even better for 2018.

are right.

A lot of

In 2016, More Than 50% Of visitors Spent Between 3-4 Hrs At The Show While A Staggering 26% Spent Between 5-7 Hrs At the Event.

A dollop
of care

The cake, Bake & Sweets Show Has Close To 70,000 Followers On Facebook And Over 38,000 On Instagram.

A dash of

A recent facebook Post Announcing The Event Was Returning Prompted More Than 1,000 Reactions, Comments And Shares.

A big splash
of cash

Visitors to The 2016 Events Spent In Excess Of $5 Million With Our Exhibitors. That's An Average Spend Of Over $143 Per Visitor.

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The Mix is

lots of women, a generous pinch of kids and smidgen of blokey blokes for good measure.

At the 2016 show 91% were women



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When Everything Is Combined The Result Is Success.

2016 Show Numbers


*That's a
Lot Of Love
In The Room

$5 Million

*Cash Was Splashed
So The Exhibitors
Cleaned Up

Why A live Event?

Because It's Exciting And It's Fun. The Audience Can See It, Smell It, Feel It, Even Taste It. Live Events Are Hands-On Experiences And When It's All About Cakes And Bakes And Sweet Treats What Better Way To Showcase Your Products Than By Engaging The Senses.

Your product might look great in the pages of a glossy magazine but Cake, Bake & Sweeets lets you put it in the hands and mouths of consumers, let's them try it for themselves and lets you explain it in as much detail as they want. No other marketing medium puts you and your products this close to the end consumer.


Rememeber, these consumers are walking in the door because this is what gets them excited. They're engaged, enthusiastic, passionate and they're hungry for new ingredients, new products, and they come ready to spend. And because it's an experience they tell their friends about it!

With Fully Inclusive Sites Starting from As Little As $1,650 +gst, you'd be Hard Pushed To Find A More Cost Effective Way Of Reaching 45,000+ Consumers. That's Less Than 4 Cents Per Prospect!

A Mouth-Watering Array Of Treats

  • An ideal forum to launch new products
  • An event that engages all the senses
  • An opportunity to educate, inform, engage
  • The excitement of celebrity chefs
  • The ideal event for new ingredient testings
  • A showcase event to demonstrate your products
  • The perfect arena to sell direct to the public
  • The involvement of demonstrations, classes, forums
  • An opportunity to initiate word of mouth interest
  • The opportunity to prospect, network and sell