29th November to 1st December 2019
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

Self-Made Emotional Eddie

Self-Made Emotional Eddie

8:00am - 4:00pm

30th November 2018

Benny Rivera

Price: $495 


City Cakes (NYC)

Price: $495 

Defying gravity cake designs have become big within the cake industry.  In the last couple of years they got crazier and their structure more insane.  You will think that apart from been a cake decorator you will have had to earn your degree as an engineer.  But the truth is it is all about planning and finding the right materials and tools. This particular complex design is the perfect one to learn some of the secrets and tricks used within the industry to create such elaborate and impressive designs.  The steps learned on this workshop will give you freedom to create a lot more similar designs.

Learning outcomes:

  • Discussion about the perfect cake for 3D sculpted designs
  • Discussion about cake weight distribution when designing these types of 3D designs
  • Discussion about different all the different mediums used to create sculpted cakes
  • Step by step structure support system construction for defying gravity cakes
  • Learn how to build as structure support system using heavy duty tools and materials
  • Learn how to properly fill and stack cakes for elaborate cakes
  • Learn how to carve and/or sculpt cake correctly
  • Learn new colour powder painting techniques
  • Decorate with fondant and edible images
  • A chance to ask any cakes and course related questions

All materials will be provided for the class.

This class is suitable for beginner decorators.

About Chef Benny Rivera

Chef Benny Rivera started his cake career in Puerto Rico as a young teenager and the occasional hobby turned into a true passion when he discovered his natural talent.

Chef Bennys’ unique and amazing cake designs have become so popular that he travels all around the world to teach some of his secrets through his hands-on workshops.

Read his full bio here.

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