29th November to 1st December 2019
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

Penelope the Flower Puller

Penelope the Flower Puller

8:00am - 4:00pm

1st December 2018

Benny Rivera

Price: $495


City Cakes (NYC)

Price: $495

For a fantastic birthday party that you want to be memorable and magical, a show-stopping edible piece of art is the way to go.  Create a magical moment between friends and family with a breathtaking cartoon cake design. Learn all the necessary steps to create such stunning and memorable designs. This is not the traditional pretty cake.  This is a design that will not only take your party to the next level but your skill. This is one of those designs that can be applied to many other concepts.

Learning outcomes:

  • Discussion about the perfect cake for 3D sculpted designs
  • Discussion about cake weight distribution when designing these types of 3D designs
  • Discussion about different all the different mediums used to create sculpted cakes
  • Step by step basic structure support system construction
  • Learn how to build as structure support system using heavy duty tools and materials
  • Learn how to properly fill and stack cakes for elaborate cakes
  • Learn how to carve and/or sculpt cake correctly
  • Learn how to work with modelling chocolate
  • A chance to ask any cakes and course related questions

All materials will be provided for the class.

This class is suitable for beginner decorators.

About Chef Benny Rivera

Chef Benny Rivera started his cake career in Puerto Rico as a young teenager and the occasional hobby turned into a true passion when he discovered his natural talent.

Chef Bennys’ unique and amazing cake designs have become so popular that he travels all around the world to teach some of his secrets through his hands-on workshops.

Read Benny’s full bio here.

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