29th November to 1st December 2019
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

Christmas Cookies

Christmas Cookies

8:30am - 12:15pm

30th November 2018

Julia Day

Price: $195


Miss Biscuit 

Price: $195

Learn how to create beautiful cookies with royal icing for your family and friends this Christmas. In this class you will learn how to make, colour and thin royal icing to the desired consistencies for outlining, flooding and detailing cookies. You will learn how to create wet on wet designs and make simple fondant mould roses to add detail to your cookies. 

In this class, you will create 6 different designs.

Learning outcomes:

  • Make and colour perfect royal icing from scratch
  • Thin your icing to create outline, flood and detail consistencies
  • Create simple wet on wet floral and polka dot designs
  • Pipe cookies with multiple stages
  • Pipe detail lines
  • Make simple fondant decorations with dusted accents
  • Dry and store your cookies 

You will also receive a booklet which includes the Miss Biscuit Royal Icing Recipe as well as the Miss Biscuit Vanilla Cookie and Gingerbread Base Recipes.

All materials provided for the class.

This class is suitable for beginner decorators.

About Julia Day

Julia Day started Miss Biscuit in 2012 having become hooked on decorating cookies as a hobby.

She started her business from home and as her social media profile grew, she began running royal icing decorating classes.

6 years later, she has stores in Melbourne and Sydney and has taught royal icing classes in most Australian states and in many cities around the world including Dubai, Mumbai, London and NYC.

Read Julia’s full bio here.

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