I’ve recently discovered this craving for bananas. I’m going bananas for bananas. Okay, that was bad… who left me in charge here? But in all seriousness, I had this Banoffee Crunch ice cream the other day (yes, it was last week when Uber delivered ice cream… for anyone who is as obsessed with Uber as I am and knows exactly what I’m talking about!).

Anyway, it stemmed this desire for banana everything! Even mashed banana on toast which tastes yummier than it sounds, might I add.

I got thinking, I haven’t had a good old classic banana split for a while so I started researching some creative topping ideas. A classic is always a winner, but so is getting creative. Upon my research I found there was this wonderful world of banana split flavoured desserts.

Check them out:

1. Banana Split Pudding Pops

These banana split pudding pops from The Kitchen McCabe are SO MUCH FUN. Take your classic banana split and put it on a pop with some 100s & 1000s and whipped cream, and not only do you have a delicious treat – they’re super cute too!


2. Banana Split Truffles

As much as I have a current obsession with banana, my lifelong obsession has been for chocolate. Which is probably why I love the idea of banana split chocolate truffles. You are spot on with this recipe candy expert Elizabeth LaBau!


3. Banana Split Breakfast

I love it when I can take my sweet side to breakfast. This is a such a great healthy start to the day from Art from my Table. The whole family will probably enjoy digging in to this each morning. It’s also an exciting concept to get the kids to eat breaky every morning.


4. Banana Split Bark

Have I mentioned my love for bananas and chocolate? BOOM this is probably my favourite recipe on this list. It’s so colourful, fun and delicious. Thanks Fresh April Flavours for making this a thing.


5. Banana Split Cookie Cups

Is it a chocolate chip cookie disguised as a muffin but themed as a banana split? Who knows? But it does look delicious, especially with the pop of red cherry on top! I’m assuming (and really hoping) there is sliced banana under that whipped cream. Even better inside the cookie! Recipe found via Homemade Interest 


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